Thai Massage in Jaipur Rajasthan

Thai massage is a form of vigorous massage that dates back thousands of years. The ancient healing system aims to rejuvenate and energize you. A therapist stimulates energy flow and clears “blockages” that are responsible for stress and tension. This is done through the use of gentle yoga poses and stretches that the therapist does by manipulating your limbs for you. For instance, stretches that lengthen your spine also help ensure smooth energy flow in the area, easing lower back pain. The massage of your face and head targets acupressure points that can help with specific problems in other parts of your body. Unlike other massages that need you to disrobe, with Thai massage you are fully clothed.

Reduces Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain can be a nightmare to live with. But Thai massage could help. As one study found, patients with a lower back pain who were treated with the traditional Thai massage fared better than those who received joint mobilization therapy. While both treatments improved pain scores, the pain eased to a greater extent in the Thai massage group.

Improves Range Of Motion

Improves Mood And Eases Anxiety

Massages are a popular therapy from alternative and complementary medicine to treat mood disorders. It can ease both depression and anxiety.4 Researchers have found that Thai massage can help improve psychological parameters like mood, anxiety, tension, and even confusion or bewilderment. While Swedish massage is better known and more widely used in the United States, Thai massage could potentially be just as effective for these problems. Thai massage hinges on assisted yoga poses to stretch your body. The stretching is accompanied by massage and pressing of specific pressure points. Research has found that like Swedish massage, Thai massage too can help improve the range of motion of your limbs and other parts of the body. Test subjects experienced a significant improvement in their shoulder and ankle rotation and flexion.

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